Right is Right!

I wrote the words to Right is Right after listening to my wife describe the subject matter of a lunch discussion with my adopted granddaughter. She was a junior in high school and trying to stay on the right path.
Keep playing this track until you believe that Right is Right is more important than making poor choices just to belong somewhere…with a crowd that is heading the wrong way. You are at “The Crossroads”…now is the time to believe in YOURSELF! Get your choir to sing this song so school starts feeling like your family…and everyone can watch over each other!


I’m at the crossroads of my young life, deciding which way to go

Do I need to be cool and join the crowd, some days I just don’t know


Luckily I do like me, I’ve got my head on straight

Doing something stupid, just to belong, I guess that will have to wait.


I’ll leave you all behind, heading that way

Follow my heart…be cool another day.


It’s hard to choose the right path, when you want to belong

But Right is Right, and I believe I know right form wrong.


Listen to Right is Right!