If you feel lost, lonely and disconnected…you are not alone.  If you haven’t visited my website at:  JohnTrayser.com you can learn about The ACE Study.  ACE stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences…and almost everyone on the planet has some.  You should take time to learn about all this so you understand one VERY important thing…IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!

NO parents…ZERO…have a child with the intent of hurting them emotionally or physically.  Yet, it is way more common than most people know and believe.  Rich, poor, black, white…it’s all the same…Parents usually pass on what they know.  If they knew pain and sadness…there is a good chance that you are feeling that today.  If that is why you are here…YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

Every expert in this field agrees that the first step to a brighter future is to confront your emotions of sadness, loneliness, anger and tell your story out loud.  That is exactly why we have started NoACEs.CLUB.  Our goal has to be NO ACEs!  To start on that path…go to my website and click on The ACE Study tab…then click just below to take the ACE Test.  After answering the 10 questions you will have your ACE score.  This is where HOPE begins.


This is where it gets very personal for me.  My sweet adopted granddaughter took the test while riding in the car for 8 hours with me.  She looked over at me and quietly said…”I am a 7 Papa T.”  THAT is a big number!  And her next words to me were…”But now I am a ZERO…because your family saved me!”  That’s why there is HOPE…you are just ONE person away from working toward being a NoACEs.CLUB success story.  We are confident that there is someone that cares about you nearby.  It might be someone at your school or another family member.  Just taking the first step and telling your story is a HUGE moment…THAT is when you are out of the SHADOW!

We will be working to develop some links to places where you will feel safe…like Boys & Girls Clubs.  And as you start to heal…come back and tell us about it so we can share your success with others.  Because, that is what this is all about…We are all FAMILY!


Take The ACE Test…and Learn AboutThe Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences